Plan like an Olympian

Get a Gold Medal in Total Health for Your Org!

For employers


  • Improve the Quality and maximize the Effectiveness of health and wellness support for employees
    • e.g., mental health programming, healthy workplace policies, respectful workplace
  • Understand the impact on employee health
    • e.g., risk for chronic disease
  • Evaluate the impact of employee health and wellness on organizational productivity
    • e.g., absenteeism rates, benefits cost
  • Direct Action for efficient and effective programming

For employees


Increased Access:

  • Improved employee awareness
  • More personalized services
  • Supportive policies
  • Reduced cost/ burden on employee

Increased Action:

  • Programs are more meaningful to employee’s current level
  • Workplace social community
  • Reduced cost/ burden on employee

Gold Medal Profile Screen and feedback