Jesse Adams, MSc, BKin, CSCS

Jesse Adams, MSc, BKin, CSCS


Jesse Adams, MSc., B Kin, is COO of Vendura Wellness, a company dedicated to increasing the productivity of an organization through enhanced employee wellness.

As an OD physical health and wellness consultant, Jesse helps develop specialized solutions for employee physical activity, nutrition, hydration, and sleep behaviour(s) within and outside of the workplace. Jesse is a contributing author to an innovative behaviour modification model known as Behavioural EngineeringTM, this model attempts to provide a framework for an individual’s behaviours, motivation, and cognitive processing when engaging in pro-health and un-health decisions and actions. Jesse is also active in developing various corporate wellness solutions such as, EvolveTM designed to aid employee in developing and managing their physical, life and psychological health. Finally, Jesse has an interest in health related business analytics, regarding the impact of employee health on a company’s productivity, performance and safety.


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Jesse Adams

Jesse Adams – COO, Lead Module Des.