Roots of Corporate Wellness Physical Activity Behaviours

The Roots of Corporate Health & Wellness are the 5 primary indices that impact an employee’s and a company’s health and productivity. The Vendura Wellness roots are:

Physical Activity Behaviours

Physical Activity Behaviours include the overall daily activity a person engages in and is not limited to “gym time” or solely focused on exercise. Physical activity includes a person’s transportation habits, hobbies and interests, in addition to workplace activity level. The level of physical activity one engages in can have a tremendous impact on an employee’s overall health and performance. However, it is often one of the most difficult roots to impact, change and value.

Did you know?

Research has shown the total cost of obesity to Canadian business is about $1.3 billion dollars per year24. Furthermore, obese employees spend 35% more on health services and 77% more on medications when compared to those who meet the daily recommended guidelines for physical activity5.