Roots of Corporate Wellness – Mental Health and Stress

The Roots of Corporate Health & Wellness are the 5 primary indices that impact an employee’s and a company’s health and productivity. The Vendura Wellness roots are:

Mental Health and Stress

Mental health and stress is highly impacted by the other roots of corporate health and wellness. An employee’s mental health and stress levels can affect them negatively or positively, and implications to an employee’s overall health and performance can range from minor (e.g. stress from project deadlines) to severe (e.g. mental illness, depression).

Did you know?

Studies have shown the cost of Canadian business per year is $11.1 billion dollars26. Furthermore if you include non-clinically diagnosed ailments (e.g., anxiety, burnout etc.) it can cost as much as $33 billion dollars per year. Finally, mental health and stress related issues are the leading cause of short-term and long-term disability claim37.