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Our youth are obsessed with texting, tweeting, snap-chat, googling and everything except talking to the person in front of them. Some new studies are showing people check their phone up to 2000 times a day. Parents and supervisors of millennials are constantly saying, “get off your phone!” yet parents and bosses need to look in the mirror new research suggests. A recent national survey conducted by Common Sense Media, which included 1800 parents of children aged 8 to 18 found that parents spend an average of 9 hours and 22 minutes every day in front of various screens and surprisingly 8 hours are for person use not work. 😊 78% of parents in the study thought they were good role models for how to use digital technology.

Research in this field also shows that use of technology among teens correlates with shorter attention spans, a preference for digital time over physical activity and performing worse in school. Crazy is that toddlers have a harder time learning emotional and non-verbal cues because their parents constantly have “still face phenomenon” from concentrating on mobile phone.

Modelling healthy media habits can be key . Why not try digital free Sundays or one a day a week with no email at work. If you have started sweating just thinking about it, you might have a problem.

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See more – Knvul Sheikh, Scientiifc Amercia Mind March/April 2017

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