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Are You Ready? Stop Wishing It Was Friday.

Authors: Darren Steeves and Sue Comeau

Love your job. Have a nice home. Stay in shape. Eat organic. Get enough sleep. Take time for yourself, but be there for your family and friends. The pressure to have it all is greater now than ever.

Meanwhile, you see your friends posting their latest amazing vacation or new relationship on social media. Is everyone else really that happy and content?! It’s no wonder so many of us feel like we’re coming up short.

Alex, a smart, driven professional, has those thoughts as well. Then he meets Jim, a guy who seems to have it all together. For Alex, this unlikely friendship is life changing.

Read Alex’s story, and see if you can relate to any of his obstacles. Stick with him as he clears a path to the life he wants to live. Then, check out our guide to living the life you want to live, complete with starting points and quick tips.
Are you ready?

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Vendura Wellness

“We maximize your organizations productivity through improving the total health of your most important resource, your people.”

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A few of my columns in the chronicle herald as of late - I hope everyone is having a great summer. Here are a few of my columns in the chronicle herald that just might interest you. They are all related to resilience and how to develop a health habit. Lots of good tips on how to live a more flourishing life. Enjoy and stay in touch. https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/news/now-atlantic/barriers-to-living-well-use-enjoyment-as-motivation-to-achieve-your-goals-336533/

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The environment drives behaviour

A company should create a culture that fosters and supports an individual’s total health

It is an individual’s responsibility to OWN their health

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Guides to total health

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The Vendura Wellness Health Team

Darren Steeves MSc, CSEP, CSCS


Darren Steeves, MSc., Bed, CEP, is Owner of Vendura Wellness, a company dedicated to increasing the productivity of an organization through enhanced employee wellness.


Strategic Partner – Jesse Adams, MSc, BKin

Strategic Partner

Jesse Adams, MSc., B Kin, is a Strategic Partner with Vendura Wellness


Strategic Partners

Howatt Consulting

Vendura Wellness is a proud strategic partner with leading companies in the health and wellness field.


Total Health Assessments and Analytics

We offer a variety of health assessments and analytical tools that are designed to understand the health profile of a company.


Strategic Wellness Planning

We offer consulting that will optimize your company’s health and wellness solutions.

G.R.I.T Program

Some stress is good for us. Most of us require challenging goals and at least some degree of pressure to fulfill our potential. It is also normal for our stress levels to rise as we cope with situations that are meaningful to us, especially when we experience periods of uncertainty, setbacks, or long periods of pressure. Learn how to keep your battery charged for a quality of life.


Additional Services

We offer a variety of additional health and wellness solutions for your company such as: health and wellness modules and/or supervised programming.
– Health Assessments
– Interventions
– Return on Investments
Maximizing Corporate Wellness
Biometrical Health Analysis
Benchmark and Imporve your Employee’s Health and Wellness
Qualified Workplace Health
and Productivity Solutions

Evidence For Focusing on Total Health


Cost of an Unhealthy Workplace

Numerous research studies have found an unhealthy workplace will impact employee health, company productivity and company expenditures. Such as: benefits, disability costs, absenteeism, presenteeism, organizational profile and legal responsibilities. –  –    –    –     –     –      –      –   –      


The Roots of Corporate Wellness

The Roots of Corporate Health & Wellness are the five primary indices that impact an employee’s and a company’s health and productivity. The Vendura Wellness roots are: 1. The Environment 2.Mental Health 3. Physical Health 4. Nutritional Behaviours 5. Substance Use Behaviours.


Financial Benefits

–                    –                         –    –  Company investment in employee total health is becoming a necessity for maximal company productivity. With returns as high as 6 to 1 it would be advantageous for a company to emphasize employee total health and make it part of the culture. –                       –              –


Redefining Corporate Total Health


“Q-life is definitely very helpful and allowed me to understand my stressors and how to balance my life. I knew what I had to do, but the program has allowed me to take a more forgiving approach to choose what I need at what time and how to prioritize my health both mentally and physically.”

Vanessa Middleton, Dal Student, Web Client

To achieve extraordinary results as an athlete or a business leader you need someone who will push you beyond what you thought you were capable of achieving, Vendura Wellness understands that process and brings the skill set and desire to do just that! If you want to stand out from the crowd and achieve extraordinary

Chris Valardo BA. Comm, CFP President Financial Horizons Group Atlantic

The process Vendura Wellness put me through clarified my lifestyle goals and provided me with my personal game plan to achieve success. Their ongoing program gave me feedback and support which provided me the accountability I needed to achieve my goals. You are energized and you see progress and results!

David Bluteau, MBA, CFP, CIM, FMA Senior Vice President & Manager Bluteau DeVenney Caseley Group of National Bank Financial Wealth Management

Darren’s systematic and multidimensional approach to assessing, preparing, monitoring, and developing resiliency in the individuals I work with, is a critical part of the journey for executive coaching or high performance team development.

Dr Colin Guthrie, Mental Performance Consulting Group

Quite simply, participation in the “Corporate Athlete Program” has made me aware of the need to manage myself.  Analyzing the daily data, with the help of my coach, Darren Steeves, has allowed me to identify and implement small lifestyle and behavioural changes, that have resulted in improved job performance and improved overall mental and physical

Keith Abriel, CFO DHX Media

I have had the privilege of working with Jesse and Darren for the past 4 months now. I can honestly say they have been the most supportive, professional and accessible health team I have ever worked with. No question or clarification is off limits and they encourage my development and learning at a pace that

Jarret Stuart

Darren is on the leading edge with GRIT. Resilience is where it is at. We can’t control what happens in the lives of our employees, but we can ensure they have the skills to get through it. GRIT is quickly becoming one of Dal’s “signature programs” and the results from participants have been outstanding. Word

Janice MacInnis, Dalhousie University Manager of Organizational Health

I’ve known Darren Steeves for over 30 years, he is committed to the health and wellness of his clients in a way that very few people could ever match! He is personally involved in your success and redefines the definition of a wellness mentor. Your success is his goal.

Chris Valardo, Managing partner at Financial Horizons Atlantic
Principle at Atlantic Wealth Management

Very impressed with the knowledge and level of qualified expertise that Vendura MDHT demonstrates.  They provide a full-circle of  corporate wellness solutions assessing corporate health, developing the necessary interventions and providing accurate statistical ROI calculations to measure productivity enhancements.

Daniel, CEO of CrossLeaf Canada Medical


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